Hey Guys!!! Sorry I haven’t been on. I was in trouble and I had school projects to do so I have enough time to post.

Heres the new stuff-

Here are the clothing and wig catalog secrets. You can buy a crystal staff by clicking on the dragons hand.


Click the new emerald hat for the new woodsman hat.


Click the casual suit jacket for a cheesy tie!


Click the chocolate bunny costume for the red viking helmet do this 4 times for the blue viking helmet.


A new job has come to club penguin(by the way each job has its own special dance)its a Blacksmith apron.

Also the Crystal Crown(rare) has returned.

The new wig catalog also has a secret, click on the “The Spikester” for “The Spikette”.


Also thanks to Cfai Unknown for the message!

There is also a secret letter at the last page of the Clothing Catalog. Click the “How Do I Get Coins” and drag it downward until a little message appears. Once you click it this will appear.

The letter says there is going to be a party May 16th but nobody is supposed to know about it. It’s supposed to be a surprise. It is probably going to be a Medieval Party or something. I will keep you updated!

That’s pretty much all!

Cya next time!




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