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About me August 4, 2007

Posted by Logan - Blinking Yo in 1.

 A little about me!

Hola pinguinos!

Penguin Name: CoolPengu                                                 

Age: 13                                                                                    

Birthday: October                                                                                                                      

Country: United Kingdom

Favourite Club Penguin Place: Pizza Parlor

Most found on server: Blizzard or Snow Angel

Favourite colour: Purple! (it is so trendy)

 Favourite movie: Nightmare before Christmas 

Membership: Yes!

Favourite site: Nitrome.com

E-mail: cool.pengu@hotmail.com

Favorite Celebration: Halloween!

Which is your favourite computer game? Well, I LOVE the sims. I have all the sims 1 and 2 expansions packs for the computer!!

And what about animals? Well, i have 2 dogs.

Favourite candy? Nerds!! Yummi! I love them

Favourite drink? Water, (i hate coke and pepsi and sodas)


This are my favourite clothes

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