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Go to this site May 14, 2008

Posted by Marjon1816 in Funny Pics.

Hey guys my friend Detroit needs hits bad so go to his site at www.detroit870.wordpress.com

p.s. it is a awesome site



1. zipo7 - May 14, 2008

Been there done that. I did my good deed for the day. I visited. He says he gets on an average 25 hits per day. That is more than some get. But… like I said, I visited and wish him good luck. 😛

2. Agent60706 & Clipi - May 14, 2008

can you add me to your blogroll i already added you my site is

3. lynn121995 - May 14, 2008

😉 , Zipo! my good deed for the day was already done, right Zipo????? 😀

4. Ilan - May 14, 2008

holy gosh nice site
nice header
you are so cool
Check out my site http://redcowz.wordpress.com/
I think u will like it.
If u hate it tell me on my reviews page

5. zipo7 - May 14, 2008

Yes lynn121995 –you did the deed as well ❗ You even went as far as posting his link on your site too. You good deed doer you 😉

6. coolpengu - May 14, 2008

Thanks guys!

7. Ilan - May 14, 2008

keep me up to date as u progress on the widget also check my site for your name under the contest contestants list on the contest post

8. Ilan - May 15, 2008

code is not working i am trying it to test it but it is not working
please check for errors and let me know when u are done

9. mmopuk - May 15, 2008

For all the Club Penguin Cheats…
Please visit http://www.mmopuk.wordpress.com
And Post A Comment!
My hits are low!low!low 😦

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