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Mediavel Party 2008 May 16, 2008

Posted by Alex IV in Funny Pics.

Hi Guys
Vam Here

Today the new Party arrived to CP. It’s the 4th best party in CP for me. Almost all the rooms are decorated, i like the free item, the music is good, its full of castles and towers and luckily for me its not a member Party.

But CP made a Big Mistake. There is a new room. Yes a new room,
its located in the forest. Like you see there are two green pathways on the tree. The Problem is that cp put the wrong SWF link on the pathways and the pathways direct us to an unknown swf link. The link is http://media1.clubpenguin.com/artwork/rooms/.swf . CP is really dump ¬¬.
EDIT: I finally found the .swf link 😀 Click Here for the party room

Anyway, the new item is at the Dock. Here are the .swf links. This is very big list o_O

Coffee Shop
Dance Club
Dance Lounge
Ski Village
Ski Lodge
Lodge Attic
Pet Shop
Pizza Parlor
Snow Forts
Ice Rink
Boiler Room
Mine Shack
Music 233
Music 234
Music 235
Music 236
Music 237

Dance Water Dance
Ice Vampiro



1. satonato - May 16, 2008

come to http://cheatgnome.wordpress.com/ it is the best clubpenguin cheat site ever!

2. straw000 - May 16, 2008

Hey! Awesome blog : D Can you add me to your blogroll? If you comment on my site, I will add you. THX!


3. zipo7 - May 16, 2008

I picked up my free item (my shirt like thing) AT THE DOCK. I needed some clean clothes!!!!!

I don’t think there was anything free at the cove. The stage is at the cove and you can play there for free 😉

I liked the dragon in the mine. He is a real fire breather that one!

4. coolpengu - May 16, 2008

Thnx Ice!!

5. Ice Vampiro a.k.a. Fire Dragon Vampiro - May 17, 2008

HOLY MOLY, Thank you Zipo. I must to fix it.

6. Detroit87 - May 17, 2008
7. darkcrow200 - May 17, 2008


8. Ilan - May 17, 2008

The polls are open u may vote for yourself
but be honest which 1 u think is the best.
Go to http://redcowz.wordpress.com/

9. Ilan - May 17, 2008

sry coolpengu but u are not allowed to vote for yourself. Vote for any1 but your self. Now i would like to say good luck and june 1 who knows by june first u mgiht ahve the most votes and win that hal of fame

10. ___*bm!$+*___ aka blackmist100 - May 17, 2008

hey pengu, white and i just reached 14,700 hits. and we have 500 hits today!

11. ___*bm!$+*___ aka blackmist100 - May 17, 2008

and pengu, it’s cool that u have awesome ppl working on ur site. can white and i be on ur blogroll?

12. mmopuk - May 18, 2008

Cool Site!
I love your posts!
And Post A Comment!
My hits are low!low!low! 😦

13. Ilan - May 18, 2008

coolpengu you know how u entered my widget contest? well my sister disided to have 1. If you would like to enter go to http://udretsrock422.wordpress.com/ My sister voted for your avatar and she really likes what you did with that 1 so coudl u make her 1 and enter her contest. Tell her at her site yes or no. Thanks a lot

14. udretsrock422 - May 19, 2008

u have been added to the list of cntestants please tell me when u are done with the widget
thanks cool you rock out loud

15. (¯`·._) Logan (¯`·._) - May 21, 2008

Hey guys! I quit CP
I have a new site (www.blinkingyo.wordpress.com

16. redbluemast - May 22, 2008

Hi there join my PCA08.
Now its ur chance to enter.

17. cpmac - May 22, 2008

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18. cheatgnome - May 23, 2008

everyone i am having a contest and im giving away tons of cool prizes! at http://cheatgnome.wordpress.com/

19. zipo7 - May 23, 2008

New freebies today are ok as well. Wizard hat is cool, anvil pin is heavy man! LOL

20. edlu - May 24, 2008

Keep up the awesome work,
and dont forget about my party!
More details:


21. Ilan - May 24, 2008

My friend Max and I are going to have a widget contest. If you would like to enter please visit http://mirpizzaparlour.wordpress.com/ for all the details.

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