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There are someones who have a gift, a power, the hability to control elements. The elements keep the balance in this world, they are: water, fire, earth and air. Those are the principal elements, there are some other special ones like the darkness.



Water controlers can control the water. They have the hability of healing. Some of the water benders can control ice. They are really friendly and would like you to adopt them!



They are really strong and can create fire. They love nothing better than playing tricks and causing havoc wherever they go. If you want a strong creature in combat then visit these penguins, as they can grant many battle magics.




They love to collect and store items, and try and hide themselves from the creatures far below. They have lots of powers such as toughened skin, the ability to magically create food or burrow into the ground.



 Air benders are magical, joyous little creatures who love to dance on the wind. They have abilities from the sphere of air – powers such as invisibility, haste or flight.



Minions of the evil one himself, they tempt those weak of heart with power, but at a price. These evil creauture´s abilities include creating darkness, draining life and vision at night.



The ice benders can froze water and create ice – the penguin´s best friend. Ice is a diamond which can be very powerful. Some of their abilities are frozing, snow balls and cold control.



1. Waddle3773™ (Wormza™) - January 21, 2008

Whoa!! These plushies are AMAZING!!! You’re SO good at drawing!!! Keep it up Cool Pengu!!! =D

2. GyroHog - January 21, 2008


Keep up the good plushies!

3. Ice Vampiro a.k.a. Fire Dragon Vampiro - January 22, 2008


4. cp lover - January 22, 2008

make a light

5. Ruby1324 - January 24, 2008

oh my god! these plushies rule! make some more man!

6. Ice Vampiro a.k.a. Fire Dragon Vampiro - January 30, 2008

Hey Cool Pengu. I have some ideas for next elemental plushies.
What about:
Ok that are all my ideas.Cya.

7. coolpengu - February 9, 2008


8. wurmple - February 23, 2008

cool!! i like the ice

9. lilguy574 - March 23, 2008

you can make …..drumm roll please….dahdahdahduhdum……
coolness wit oder peeps circlin round da cool pengy

10. Dr.Rman - April 12, 2008

nice site

11. Dr.Rman - April 12, 2008
12. fifa909 - May 17, 2008

Wow I had this idea for a long time and I kept commenting a site like this but it was a little bad and when i saw this site it amazed me. My opinon i think your a awesome drawer and for everyone who helped you guys did a great job too! I have a tip to your site for the next one of these penguins try looking on the show avatar it shows water bending and fire bending. But i found some other ideas like rock metal lava and things like that oo maybe all of them combined it is up to you! Email wardeagles@aim.com just in case!

13. empleongirl - July 9, 2008

0 . 0


14. vleorapter - October 14, 2008

hey cool plushies but they seem like the ones from avatar

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