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New Admin! April 27, 2008

Posted by Mixturey aka Lil Mixturey in Funny Pics.

Hey guys. I’m Mixturey I would say a lot porsion of you all know me from My Site And I’m hoping to become a really close friend with CoolPengu! I’m not Sure what to say but heres some of my newest Videos!

Waddle On!



Pirate Party April 25, 2008

Posted by Alex IV in Funny Pics.

Hi Guys

Vam Here

So today the new party arrived. And it’s good only for 1 reason. This party is a copy of the last year Pirate Party ¬¬. There are some differneces like:

  1. The thing at the dock
  2. The pin at the ski hill (but the way to get the pin is almost the same)
  3. The boat and the giant rockhopper at the beach
  4. The ship(the note and the catalog the rockhopper jurnoual are missing)
  5. There is the stage at the plaza.

Even the item is exactly in the same place. Luckily the Puffle Bandana wasn’t a party item, it was a catalog item so they haven’t brought it yet.

The Migrator
The Migrator Ship Hold
Ski Hill
Snow Forts
Night Club
Book Room

Oh I almost forgot. The new Sport Catalog is out. There are only 3 new clothe items and 2 furniture items. There is only the old silver surfer secret.

Sport Catalog

Dance Water Dance
Ice Vampiro

Rocky’s Back April 24, 2008

Posted by Alex IV in Funny Pics.

Yo Guys.

Vam here.

Let’s start with RH. What to say? He is back….. but he’s new catalog is very small. Just Click Here to see it. You can’t find RH now. I think you will be able to find him tommorow.

The Newspaper is out too. Click Here for the paper. There are some interesting things about it. First of all after the party there will be a little Hide and Seek. RH will hide his key. Maybe some of you remember the map to the cove. Good old times. Here is the event Page:

(Click to enlarge)

Dance Water Dance

Ice Vampiro

Penguin contest April 21, 2008

Posted by Marjon1816 in Funny Pics.

Hey guys it is marjon. I am having a penguin contest for coolweirdo77.  You have to comment the most on the post on www.coolweirdo77.wordpress.com. I have two rules

1 no advertising

2 no spamming

New Admin!!!!! April 21, 2008

Posted by Marjon1816 in Funny Pics.

Hi guys it is marjon1816. I am a new admin on coolpengu aka gordon james. I will do everything on his site to help.  I have my own site plz visit it it is www.coolweirdo77.wordpress.com

Newspaper+catalog! April 16, 2008

Posted by Logan - Blinking Yo in Funny Pics.
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Hi guys.

Vam here.

I won’t post pics. I hate do pics -_-.

So first. The new newspaper cam today D Here is a .swf link for it:

There are many cool thing in the newspaper. You noticed that all the clocks in CP are broken? The target from the main clock is missing so all the other clocks in cp broke 2 because all the clocks are conected. And guess who stole the taget in main clock? Yes i said stole. That polar bear Herbert. And you know from where i know this? Remember the CP first sneak peek about mission 7? The thing that the penguin hold is the clock Target D

Here are some links that are about the clocks. lol Fred is acting very weird (Fred is the cucko clock in ski lodge)
Snow Forts
New CP Clock Message
Ski Village

And also RH is coming back. (The way that he is coming back is funny and weird)

Dance Water Dance
Ice Vampiro


How the catalog will be! 



Some info…. April 14, 2008

Posted by Alex IV in Funny Pics.

Hola Guys.
Vam Here.

Just to inform you I am back and i will be posting again :D.

I haven’t say anything about me so….. I like Graphics and Action Scripting. Action Scripting is one of the language that CP is made. Here is one of my Flash Works. I also think is my best =P.

Now something about CP. The server is down. You can check them here http://www2.clubpenguin.com/down/ .

Also you remember billybob-support@clubpenguin.com ? He is back with a new site http://thebillybobteam.wordpress.com/ . I never believed that he is the real Billy Bob but i am sure that he works for CP.

Also Ice Vampiro turned one year old Today D

Dance Water Dance
Ice Vampiro

Hola April 13, 2008

Posted by Alex IV in Funny Pics.

Hi guys.

Vam Here.

I am a new Administrator here. My CP name is Ice Vampiro. But i also use Vamport and some other penguins. I left my blog yesterday and i found my home under this blog =P.

Maybe some of you still remember me from mohd’s site. I was working there like for….. 6 months i think and i left because that site is not so good now.

I hope i will be a great help for Cool Pengu. For now Good night =P

Dance Water Dance
Ice Vampiro


Posted by MLBTradeRumors in Funny Pics.

Hey guys! Flatoe here, I am having a contest for a MEMBER PENGUIN at my site. Please visit my site to join the contest!!!



Camping + credits April 9, 2008

Posted by Logan - Blinking Yo in Funny Pics.
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Hola a todos!

How are you everyone? I am posting just to say that I am going on a rugby tour with my school. I will be back on friday though. So any news, authors post here. Hope that when I come back, lots of surprises await for me in here *cough* hits *cough* credits *cough* coments *cough*

I am also in need of some credits… Any generous penguins ova there? I will gibe you anything you want to: be an admin on my site, my pengs password, be on my blogroll, advertise your site, WHATEVA.

Thanks so muuuch!

Keep cool!

PS: I baught the new playstation!

     Oh i confused, polystation… here some pics lol